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Collected links

  1. Fred: “Of places and patents”. And this.
  2. Language Log: “Replicate vs. reproduce
  3. A nice quantile regression use case
  4. The Guardian on the Oxford English Dictionary
  5. Geopolitical Hedging as a Service
  6. How Making Something Better Can Make Everything Worse” which links here
  7. Cool NYT figure
  8. stop() / return() Early for Shorter Code
  9. Martin Thoma:

    Example 2: This one is actually confusing. Likely also with context.

    EN: Professors say, students are doing well.
    DE: Professoren sagen, Studenten haben es gut.
    DE: Professoren, sagen Studenten, haben es gut.
    EN: Professors, students say, are doing well.

  10. Jason Collins: “Angela Duckworth’s ‘Grit’: The Power of Passion and Perseverance’