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Collected links

  1. Google Maps’s Moat, by Justin O’Beirne (who runs one of the best blogs I know):

    At the rate it’s going, how long until Google has every structure on Earth?

  2. John Horton simulates the new Goldsmith-Pinkham, Sorkin and Swift paper on Bartik instruments.
  3. Thomas Leeper:

    What have I learned from this? First, everything takes time. Coming up with compelling research takes time. Data collection takes time. Data analysis takes time. Writing takes time. Peer review takes time. Rejection takes time. Recovery from rejection takes time. Responding to reviewers takes time. Typesetting takes time. Email takes time. Writing this blog post takes time. Everything takes time. It’s been eight years but that time has brought a publication I’m quite proud of.

  4. Brian Hayes provides a readable introduction to net neutrality:

    In round numbers, the web has something like a billion sites and four billion users—an extraordinarily close match of producers to consumers. […] Yet the ratio for the web is also misleading. Three fourths of those billion web sites have no content and no audience (they are “parked” domain names), and almost all the rest are tiny. Meanwhile, Facebook gets the attention of roughly half of the four billion web users. Google and Facebook together, along with their subsidiaries such as YouTube, account for 70 percent of all internet traffic.

  5. 100 Jahre DIN - Ein Urgestein der deutschen Wirtschaft (in German)
  6. Where did all my probability go?