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Collected links

  1. The Gentzkow-Shapiro Lab is on Github. Their RA manual is interesting and includes bits on PhD applications and a writing style guide.
  2. Soviet mosaics
  3. Greg Mankiw: “Getting People to Get Along, Even When They Disagree” (reading list)
  4. The Umbrelly Man
  5. Jeff Attwood (co-founder of Stack Overflow): “The Existential Terror of Battle Royale”:

    I would generally characterize my state of mind for the last six to eight months as … poor. Not just because of current events in the United States, though the neverending barrage of bad news weighs heavily on my mind, and I continue to be profoundly disturbed by the erosion of core values […].

    In times like these, I sometimes turn to video games for escapist entertainment. One game in particular caught my attention because of its unprecedented rise in player count over the last year.


    I absolutely believe that huge numbers of people will still be playing some form of this game 20 years from now.


    It’s hard to explain why Battlegrounds is so compelling, but let’s start with the loneliness. […] PUBG is, in its way, the scariest zombie movie I’ve ever seen, though it lacks a single zombie. It dispenses with the pretense of a story, so you can realize much sooner that the zombies, as terrible as they may be, are nowhere as dangerous to you as your fellow man.


    Battle Royale is not the game mode we wanted, it’s not the game mode we needed, it’s the game mode we all deserve. And the best part is, when we’re done playing, we can turn it off.