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Collected links

  1. A Fine Theorem on “Resetting the Urban Network”, by Michaels and Rauch (2017):

    So today, let’s discuss a new paper by Michaels and Rauch which uses a fantastic historical case to investigate this debate: the rise and fall of the Roman Empire.

    The Romans famously conquered Gaul – today’s France – under Caesar, and Britain in stages up through Hadrian (and yes, Mary Beard’s SPQR is worthwhile summer reading; the fact that Nassim Taleb and her do not get along makes it even more self-recommending!).

  2. How Reggaeton Became a Global Phenomenon on Spotify”. Contains a kind of event study on what happens to the number of listeners when an influential playlist includes a song.

  3. Chris Blattman: “Why I am not blogging anymore

  4. Philip Guo: “Programming as a Professor

  5. I enjoyed this: “How obsessive artists colorize old photos