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Collected links

  1. Check out Eric’s new blog
  2. A Fine Theorem: Two New Papers on Militarized Police:

    … [T]he pure empirical estimates, that militarization reduces crime without any objectively measured cost in terms of civic unhappiness, are quite mind-blowing in terms of changing my own priors.

  3. Julia Galef, “How I think about free speech: Four categories
  4. Bitcoin mine in Inner Mongolia
  5. New NBER working paper by Stefania Albanesi, Giacomo De Giorgi and Jaromir Nosal:

    Our analysis suggests a reassessment of the role of growth in the supply of subprime credit in the 2001-2006 housing boom and in the 2007-2009 financial crisis. We find that most of the increase in mortgage debt during the boom and of mortgage delinquencies during the crisis is driven by mid to high credit score borrowers, and it is these borrowers who disproportionately default on their mortgages during the crisis. The growth in defaults is mostly accounted for by real estate investors.

  6. Rob Hyndman: “Finding distinct rows of a tibble