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Collected links

  1. A Fine Theorem:

    A good rule of thumb is that you will want to read any working paper Melissa Dell puts out. Her main interest is the long-run path-dependent effect of historical institutions, with rigorous quantitative investigation of the subtle conditionality of the past.

  2. Andrew Batson cites Reinhard Bendix:

    Every idea taken from elsewhere can be both an asset to the development of a country and a reminder of its comparative backwardness–that is, both a model to be emulated and a threat to its national identity. What appears desirable from the standpoint of progress often appears dangerous to national independence.

  3. Stop code pollution

  4. Tetlock, Mellers and Scoblic: “Sacred versus Pseudo-Sacred Values: How People Cope with Taboo Trade-Offs

  5. John Cochrane (see the figure):

    Inflation targets are like constitutions – change them infrequently, and only for very good reasons.

  6. NYT:

    “The key issue is going to be causation, of who actually caused the death,” […].

  7. NYT college essays