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Collected links

  1. Erdoğan vs. Erdogan (Acemoğlu?):

    A fairly quick inspection of web pages suggests that both the New York Times and the Financial Times operate essentially the same policy – diacritics for languages like French, German and Spanish, basic 7-bit ASCII (no diacritics at all) for the rest. […]

    For mainstream papers, the Guardian and the Süddeutsche are decidedly to the left of the spectrum, decidedly internationalist/Europeanist, and so on, and you would expect them to resist any suggestion that some languages are more important (or more normal) than others.

  2. Shane Caldwell: “Landing a tenure-track position, 1950’s vs. 2010’s

  3. Philip Ball in The Atlantic on Occam’s razor:

    Much more often, theories are distinguished not by making fewer assumptions but different ones. It’s then not obvious how to weigh them up.

  4. We want plates

  5. The Economist: “Why investors want alternative data”:

    The providers are themselves a disparate group, pumping out databases ranging from satellite imagery to social-media posts. […]

    Recent advancements in machine-learning have made it possible for companies to efficiently parse through millions of satellite images a day.


    Conducting research with alternative data does not always come easily; it often arrives in messy formats and can be difficult to handle for analysts who lack sophisticated IT operations.

  6. The BBC on the 100 greatest films of the 21st century. (So far, I guess.)