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I help run our family company. We have more than 90 years experienced supplying German industrial clients with automation technology, especially sensors.

On my blog, I review books and add snippets of what I’ve learned in my work life — plus the occasional bit of everything else (e.g. paper discussions, pieces of code).

I was previously a researcher in economics, so this website also contains links to my papers and materials.

I’m always happy to chat about interesting ideas, so feel free to reach out.


  • Analytics Consultant at McKinsey & Company (2018-2021)
  • PhD Economics. University of Bonn (2018)
  • PhD trainee at and consultant to the European Central Bank (2017, 2018)
  • MSc Economics. University College London (2013)
  • BA Economics. University of Zurich (2011)

Any views or statements expressed are mine and not those of my current or former employers.