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German incomes in 2014

Here’s a booklet by the German Statistical Office on incomes in Germany in 2014:

  • Mean gross income was 3441 euros for full time employees. I couldn’t find the median anywhere, but eyeballing the graph it looks to be about 2500 Euros.

    Income distribution Germany 2014

  • Income differences between East and West are still quite pronounced. Compare Hessen and Thüringen, for example. The following shows hourly gross incomes by states:

    Hourly gross pay by German state 2014

  • The minimum wage is the same across Germany, so how binding it is varies depending on the local income level. Here’s the minimum wage relative to mean income across states:

    Relative size minimum wage across German states 2014

  • 6% of gross hourly income differences between men and women cannot be explained by observable characteristics.
  • Incomes for women flatten after childbirth. The following are gross hourly incomes (blue for men, yellow for women, the black line is the average age of the mother at the birth of the first child):

    Income age profiles by Gender Germany 2014

  • Germany taxes households, not individuals which subsidizes families where only one parent works. Singles keep about 60% of their gross income and for families with two children and one working parent net incomes are about 70% of gross incomes.