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Reasonable Latex templates

For my PhD, I write papers and presentations and like many people in economics I use Latex for both.

You can find the codes for my templates here.

The preambles are a bit bloated, but they do what I want them to. You can use them and do with them what you like without attribution.

Paper template (example)

Initially I started with Fabrizio Zilibotti’s template for dissertation theses. I took some inspiration from the style of the Journal of Economic Perspectives. I think some of the preamble might come from Rob Hyndman.

Presentation template (example)

I started from the “Dresden” theme and changed it a bit, by removing some of the unnecessary information like affiliations and using less strong colors. Also I find a black side at the end (in the PowerPoint style) quite useful to end presentations. I took the blue color from colorbrewer2 (recommended here).

Report template (example)

This template is nice for short reports or essays. It uses the tufte-latex class and I tweaked it a little (aligned text, spaces between paragraphs).

CV template (example)

This uses Chris Paciorek’s template. I changed the top a bit and added site numbers and a date that automatically updates to the current month and year.